I keep it nice and simple

Generally I just let the day unfold and photograph it as it happens in front of me. I try my best to keep in the background and be as unobtrusive as possible through the entire day, this way your guests and you can relax knowing that the funny moments will be captured without you even knowing it. 


What do I photograph?

Bridal preparations (optional)
Group Shots (Not a lot, but enough)
Just the two of you
The Reception including all the dad dancing

All you need to do is click through a recent wedding of mine to see what I do as 'standard'. There are links at the top of the page. 


What don't I photograph?

Endless lists of group shots (you don't want to be away from your guests for long so I keep it minimal)
Cringe-worthy and mega posed photos of the two of you, I get the natural stuff in a relaxed manner