Loseley Park Wedding Photos

Hairdresser : Academy Salons, Cobham

Make Up: Becca Gray

Venue: Loseley Park

Videographer: Ash Videography

Bride's Dress: Boa Richmond

Flowers: White Lilac

Caterers: Caper & Berry

I love Weddings. I love good, nice weddings that just flow seamlessly from one stage in the day to the next, with no hassle or fuss from anything or anyone. Thats what I like about a good wedding. Rebecca & Adam's wedding went from Getting Ready all the way through to dancing without a hiccup (at least I didn't notice any anyway! All hell could have broke lose at one point but I certainly didn't notice haha). 

What I love more about a good, nice wedding (I need better adjectives I know) is that the venue is oh so amazing that I literally could spend an entire day shooting a couple there. Loseley Park Wedding Venue gives a fantastic opportunity to their couples to get some fun, quirky wedding photos alongside the good ol' informal wedding photos too. 

So back to how the day went for Rebecca & Adam... I met up with Rebecca at her family home in Cobham to do some getting ready shots of her and her bridesmaids, and erm... well nothing to report really, apart from a chilled & relaxed atmosphere to settle into the day, perfect start to be honest! 

After the ceremony we all arrived at Loseley Park Wedding Venue for the rest of the day, and wow oh wow what a setting for a wedding! Me, Rebecca and Adam spent about 15minutes or so wandering around the grounds getting some amazing shots in their pristine gardens and main house (keep scrolling and you'll see!).

I had a fantastic time at Loseley Park, and more so with the couple and all their friends and family too. So here you are Rebecca and Adam... your snaps :) Enjoy! 

Kit x